Annotated Bibliography 2

Annotated Bibliography 2
Makenzie Gold Quiros
For my second annotated bibliography I’ve chosen another article written on Marion Barry, but from a much different perspective than the first. This article was written by Elliott Francis in 2014, 24 years after Mayor Barry’s initial bust and consequent jail time. He gives significant background on the ordeal, citing Tom Sherwood, who was one of the original reporters for The Washington Post that was on the scene, Barry’s interviews prior to the bust, and even a call with Mayor Barry himself. Due to the years since the drama, Francis is able to give is a new spin of the effects it has on the black population of America, and Barry’s regret. He even includes an interactive timeline for the rise of drugs and violence in D.C. leading up to the arrest up to Barry’s fourth term as Mayor after prison.
Francis is able to draw on a wide array of sources for this article, from Mayor Barry himself to the reporters on the ground at the time. He is able to look at the materials of the time with a different view point, one that knows what has or is about to happen. He knows of the FBI’s plan and the trials conclusion, which gives the story a different spin than if it had been written in the 1990’s. His argument is new, and he dedicates a small piece to the effects of Barry’s arrest on the black community. His method is more modern, the interactive timeline evidence of that.

Elliott Francis January 28, 2014, Francis. “D.C.’s Crack Users Were On the Streets – And In City Hall.” WAMU 88.5. N.p., 28 Jan. 2014. Web. 06 Oct. 2016.

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