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Commonplace 1: This is Us

In this clip from the hit show This is Us, young Randall struggles with being different from his twin siblings Kate and Kevin. Randall has always know that he was different from his family. He is the only black, adopted member of his family which has always made him feel like an outsider. Randall’s fear of being different from his family causes him to want to be just like his siblings,for better or for worse. In this clip, Randall’s strife to be like his siblings was in vain. Randall is brighter than his siblings. Afraid to outshine them in school, he makes himself appear to be struggling more than he actually is. Jack, the children’s father, recognizes what Randall is doing and attempts to make Randall feel unique and confident with his differences.

For the duration of the scene the dingy office is empty and dark. The only two people in the office are Jack and Randall so that the scene can focus entirely on them. The window shades are closed, and the only light in the office is coming from the light on Jack’s desk. The scene is set up this way so that everything else is dark and unimportant. The bright light is the relationship between a father and his son. It is made clear early in the scene that the only reason the pair are at the office is so Randall can show off his math skills privately so he does not have to worry about his siblings. The way Jack speaks and the way Jack leans over so he is right in front of Randall forcing his son to listen is intentional. These details signify the love and passion Jack is feeling for his son. Adversely, Randall is coiling away, crying, and trying his best not to look at his father. This is done purposefully to show how insecure and ashamed Randall felt about himself and his actions. This scene does an effective job showing viewers, both consciously and unconsciously, the relationship between the characters’ emotions and actions.

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