February 18, 2017 - mh9868a

Notes and Photos for BED DigiDoc / History: The Burger Joint (BGR)

The Burger Joint Notes:

  • Hip, “run down” atmosphere- chill vibes
    • Exposed wire
    • Some of the wall is smooth but some has exposed brick which was painted white like the walls
    • Front window is large and bright
    • Kitchen is exposed and you can see the staff cook your food
    • Big light fixtures on the ceiling
  • Wooden tables with silver chairs
  • Paper towels instead of napkins
  • Sauces at the table
  • Music was a little loud
  • Line to order, order food, get buzzer, sit down at table, buzzer goes off you get food
  • Food presented on silver platter
  • Family oriented- some friend groups are here, but mostly families (at 1:30pm on a Sunday)
  • Friendly staff
  • Located in a small venue just off of the Dupont Circle, super easy to find
  • The place is cut in half by a wall that only goes as high as the tables- one half is where you line up to take your order, the other half is the seating area
  • Site is small so when it is busy I’d imagine it is hard to navigate
  • Not busy at all at 2:00pm on a Sunday
  • Space is very bright because of natural light from front window and the fixtures
  • The site is red, white, black
  • Wall decal includes the menu, a plaque award from the washingtonian- best burger in DC
  • U2 War print on wall next to exposed pipe
  • Two flat screen TVs
  • The police- Ghost in the machine album print
  • Foreigner 4 print
  • Food was good
  • The BRG website
  • Smells heavily of french fries
  • History of Dupont site
  • C-SPAN video

A photo of the wall decals and the exposed pipe and bricks.

The menu displayed on the wall.

Ordering side of the restaurant with the menu on the wall.

The BGR store front.

A photo of the food I ordered while I was there.

This is the seating side of the restaurant.

The storefront from the inside.

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