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Annotated Bibliography 3 & 4

“Dupont Circle.”, March 18, 2016.

In this section for the entitled”Dupont Circle,” the website authors argue that the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC has many activities for families and tourists to do. First, the website shows the many different activities there are in Dupont such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and fitness opportunities. Basically, the website is trying to show how many fun activities there are to do in Dupont. Furthermore, the website features posts about these opportunities from various social media accounts and platforms. This shows that the website wants to convince tourists to try Dupont Circle by having tourists look at all of the fun things other Dupont Circle visitors have done. Ultimately, the website is attempting to advertise the rhetoric of Dupont Circle.

This is the image has for the header of their Dupont Circle site.

The website is useful because I can use it as a background source for my essay one. In other words, this website’s vast information about the culture in Dupont will better help me understand BGR’s specific placement in that specific section of the city. In particular, this website outlines the types of foods tourists can find in Dupont. Knowing about the different food choices in Dupont is beneficial to my research because it can help me understand how the Burger Joint generally fits in with the rest of the neighborhood restaurants. Overall, I believe this website will help me understand the background of Dupont Circle.

Carman, Tim. “A Burger Joint Is Opening in Dupont Circle That Serves Only Virginia Beef.” The Washington Post, December 22, 2016, Accessed 20 Mar 2017.

In his article for The Washington Post, Tim Carman outlines the new burger competition in Dupont Circle. First, it talks about a new burger restaurant called Red Apron Burger Bar that was coming to Dupont Circle this past January. Then it goes on to describe the demographics of the restaurant such as what kind of burgers it would be selling. Actually, outlining this point is important because it will persuade a certain audience of readers to try the Burger Bar. In other words, readers who want local meat will go try the Burger Bar because the Post advertised its use of local meat. Overall this source analyzes a new burger restaurant in Dupont Circle.

This is a Yelp image of the inside of the Burger Bar.

This article from The Washington Post is useful to my essay one because it could be a background source for my paper because it discusses the competition the Burger Joint has in Dupont Circle. With the information in this article, I could gain better knowledge about the the burger restaurants listed in the area and compare them to the Burger Joint. I could compare the types of burgers, prices, atmosphere, and location of all the burger places in Dupont. That way I can better understand where BGR stands among their competition. Overall this source will help me analyze the Burger Joint’s place among its competition in Dupont Circle.


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