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Commonplace 11: Gender Neutral Bathrooms and Georgia Taxation

This is an image of the sign that hangs on the door of every gender neutral bathroom on campus.

American University has put gender neutral bathrooms in nearly all of the university’s buildings. The university has taken this step in an effort to be inclusive to all of its student body. The sign on the door pictured above is what is displayed on every gender inclusive bathroom door on campus. The sign explains what the bathroom is, and what it looks like on the inside. The doors even lock for user privacy. The Housing and Dining logo is on the bottom of the page to show that compliance to the bathroom document is an official rule for the AU. The message the Housing and Dining department is sending to students reinforces the one the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is also trying to send. Both are advocating for rights and inclusion for LGBTQ spectrum students at AU. The notice acknowledges that sharing bathrooms with students of different gender may be uncomfortable for some students because these bathrooms may be controversial for some people. However, AU is a liberal school with students who embrace inclusion of other students, so it is not usually an issue for students here.


Shall property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?”

Sentence Root: Shall property continue to be exempt?

Key Words: Shall, property, university, exempt, tax, costs, affordable

The logo for the University System of Georgia.

This sentence from the Georgia Referendum to Amend the State Constitution is inferring that property owned by Georgia universities continue to be tax free in order to keep the overall university costs down. I would assume that since it says “continue” that the University System of Georgia is already exempt from taxation. This is why the cost of public universities in Georgia is so low. If this issue is being brought up by the state politicians then I would assume that means that this issue is currently being debated, or the University System is being threatened with imminent taxation. Presumably, the “shall” is included in the sentence to indicate that this particular issue needs to be debated or voted on. It is in the interest of the Georgia state government to start taxing the university system so that the government could make more money. However, it is in favor of the all those associated with the University System of Georgia, such as students, faculty, and administrators, to continue to keep costs as low as they currently are. The state government vote should determine the fate of university taxation in Georgia.

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