April 15, 2017 - mh9868a

Digital Archives: Exterior- The Fountain

I took this photo by the fountain at the center of Dupont Circle.

I went to Dupont Circle on  a warm Friday afternoon. Because it was warm outside, I thought there would be a lot of people hanging out around the fountain. On the contrary, the park around fountain was not busy at all. A few couples were walking around, and some students were working on their laptops, but that was it. I was honestly expecting the park to be more crowded. So, I took a photo of the most used bench in the park at that time. As you can see, there are only four people on the bench, and only four people walking around. I walked around the whole perimeter of the park, and not many more people were there. I was surprised by the emptiness of the park. Every time I have gone to Dupont Circle the park has been filled with people on the benches and grass. Overall, the park is usually a wonderful community place for the residents of Dupont.

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