April 15, 2017 - mh9868a

Digital Archives: Political- Keep the Streets Golden

This is my photo of a Dupont Circle trash can with the “Keep the Streets Golden” slogan.

All along the streets of Dupont Circle are regular city trash cans*. However, when I looked closer, I saw there was a message on the cans. The message said “Keep the Streets Golden.” The advertisement is for the Golden Triangle, which is the main business area in DC. The purpose of this campaign is to prevent littering around the city.  This campaign is a political way to encourage cleanliness in certain areas of DC. This “Keep the Streets Golden” slogan reminded me of Jenny Edbauer’s “Keep Austin Weird” slogan we read about a few weeks ago. Also, I though the effort to keep Dupont Circle clean spoke to the community-centric topos in Dupont.


*I got a lot of weird looks for taking pictures of a trash can.

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