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Annotated Bibliography 9 & 10

DCCA. “Upcoming Events.” Dupont Circle Citizens Association, Jan. 2011, Accessed 17 Apr. 2017.

This is a screenshot of the website’s header.

On their upcoming events page, the Dupont Circle Citizens Association lists all of the Dupont Circle community events happening each month. Although the calendar may seem trivial, it is in fact an important part of the Dupont community because it shows the citizen’s commitment to their living environment. For instance, each event has a link that tells visitors the time, place, and date of each event so that those who pay attention to their community will know how to part take in activities. Moreover, the events are listed in chronological order with the most recent events at the top. As a result, having this feature helps larger numbers of active citizens engage in community events and projects. For example, the site lists events such as art shows, community meetings, and themed parades. Therefore, this online calendar of Dupont Circle events is another example Dupont’s community oriented behavior. 

I will use this source as an argument source for my mapping commonplaces essay. That is, I will use this website to defend my argument that Dupont Circle is community-oriented. In other words, this website will provide a great example of a community mindset because it contains a list of community events and meetings in the area. Overall, I believe this website will help contribute to my argument of Dupont Circle’s community oriented behavior. 


Frederick, Missy. “In Dupont Circle, Who Needs Vowels?” Eater DC, 15 May 2014, Accessed 13 Apr. 2017.

In her article called, “In Dupont Circle, Who Needs Vowels?,” Eater: Washington DC writer Missy Frederick writes about the Dupont Circle trend of eliminating vowels from businesses names. First, she introduces the trend by discussing a new greek restaurant going into Dupont Circle called GRK. Then, Frederick uses GRK to segway into a list of other vowelless restaurants in the area such as BGR, GBD, and DGS. All of those restaurants are relatively popular in the area. The popularity of the restaurants is likely connected to the new business naming trend. Overall, Dupont Circle has an interesting trend of vowelless business names.

This is a photo of the new GRK’s storefront.

This article could be an exhibit source for my mapping commonplaces essay. That is, I can use the information in this article and relate it back to the culture of Dupont Circle. Then, I could use this source to discuss how eliminating vowels from restaurant names is a community norm. Furthermore, I could analyze how more restaurants participating in this trend could contribute to and encourage the sense of community among Dupont Circle business owners. Overall, I believe this article will be beneficial to my essay.

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