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Commonplace 15: Disney Dreams

The article featured this photo Daisy’s mother took of Belle giving the family a tour of Epcot’s France.

When I first saw the headline for this story, I was thrilled for this seemingly normal little girl named Daisy. I am also a huge fan of Belle; She was my all-time favorite princess growing up (Moana and Belle are now tied for my favorite princess). I thought that girl was so lucky to have “the real” Belle walk her around Epcot’s France. But then, I read on and found out she was a Make A Wish child. Daisy’s wish was specifically to meet Belle in Disney. This just made my heart burst even more. I love Make A Wish (who doesn’t?), and for all four years of high school I helped run my school’s annual Make A Wish dinner to grant local children’s wishes. I absolutely loved making a very deserving child’s dream come true. I really think it’s amazing that the Belle in Epcot went above and beyond to make Daisy’s dream come true. With all the negativity in the world today, stories like this give me a little beam of hope for the world.

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