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Reflecting on Course Concepts

*This post does not reflect on just one concept. Rather, it focuses on what I have learned, and why I believe those lessons as a whole are important.

I honestly feel that in this class I learned a tremendous amount of more new and more effective ways to write. In my last writing class, an annotated bib was something we did on the side that we didn’t spend much time on. Therefore, I did not really understand how to write them properly.  In this class, doing ten ABs really forced me to learn how to correctly format them, how to analyze sources, and how to categorize sources. Although I may not do it perfectly, I still feel like my abilities to write an AB have greatly improved. This is important because I can now look at a source and immediately start to think about if it will be useful and why. Before I paid attention to ABs, I did not pay attention to the reason I was using the source. Thats why BEAM (though my understanding of it is not perfect at all) is so important. In my other classes, I have started trying to practice labeling my sources with BEAM to better evaluate them. Also, I finally understand rhetoric and why it is useful. I learned how analyze texts on a college level, which has been extremely helpful with my other classes this semester.

Honestly, I really am happy that we got the opportunity to fix our RAs and ABs because I felt like seeing and fixing my mistakes forced me to learn. Had I not been given the opportunity to rewrite those assignments, I most likely would have paid a lot less attention to the feedback and hypothesis annotations Professor Hoskins gave us. So far, I have applied almost all of the templates and methods for writing we have learned in this class to my other classes. Thus, using these templates in other classes is making me practice the same writing procedures over and over again which will ultimately improve my writing skills in the long run. Though my grades may not always show it,  I really do feel like I learned a lot in this class. My improved writing ability will definitely help me in my academic and professional future.

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