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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Maegan Hanlon, and I study International Relations at American University. Among my friends I am I known as a total history nerd, which is completely true. I also really love books, my home state of New Hampshire, and tea.

This blog was created for my Writing 101 class. In this class, we did quite a bit of writing which you can check out if you want to. I wrote some annotated bibliographies, rhetorical analyses, and commonplaces related to my overall project on the Dupont Circle area of DC. For that project I also wrote digital archives showing parts of Dupont, an essay explaining the rhetoric of a restaurant in Dupont, and an epic project.  Additionally, there is some extra stuff you can look at, too!  I hope you check out this cool BuzzFeed article I wrote and published!

I will continue to upload my academic work on this page as I continue my journey at American University. You can check out my various essays for my classes and my thesis project for my research class.

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