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  • November 29, 2017 - mh9868a

    Losing His Chains

    The Second City’s Nothing to Lose but Our Chains show written by Felonious “Dennis” Munk comedically documents the life of the playwright. That is, the autobiographical show episodically moves through Munk’s life from birth to marriage. Among topics discussed are his relationship with his mother, drug dealing experiences, and a six-year prison sentence. Munk outlined […]

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  • All along the streets of Dupont Circle are regular city trash cans*. However, when I looked closer, I saw there was a message on the cans. The message said “Keep the Streets Golden.” The advertisement is for the Golden Triangle, which is the main business area in DC. The purpose of this campaign is to […]

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  • For several decades Dupont Circle has been an epicenter for the  LGBT+ community in Washington, DC. There are many gay bars and nightclubs in the neighborhood. However, some of the most popular events held in Dupont Circle every year are the Capital Pride Parade and the High Heel Race. The Capital Pride Parade is held […]

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  • March 30, 2017 - mh9868a

    BED: Exterior Map

    The BGR is a great representation of Dupont Circle. Dupont Circle itself is a wealthy area of DC that has many trendy shops and restaurants. Despite being a wealthy area, Dupont Circle is rather laid back. It is the kind of place you would walk around with your family on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Dupont […]

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  • March 29, 2017 - mh9868a

    BED: Interior: BGR

    The interior of The Burger Joint in Dupont Circle is very modern and rustic. It has white walls with painted exposed brick and pipes. There are several large TVs on the walls, and all of them project some kind of sport show. The walls are also decorated with classic rock album prints such as U2’s […]

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