Students in the MIS Executive Track can choose between the following options:

Executive Practicum

This online course, exclusive to students in the MIS program, gives on-campus and online MIS students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real-world situation in their field and to learn from their fellow Executive Track peers. Students identify their own project, client, and audience, and, with the support of the professor, work to produce a resume-worthy accomplishment they are passionate about. This practicum serves as a vehicle to help students integrate what they have learned in their graduate coursework into their professions, and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate the ability to apply their skills and knowledge to projects beneficial to their professional trajectory. Contact the Program Director for more information about this course or see the FAQs.

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Practicum in International Affairs

This highly popular course is designed to give graduating master’s students’ real world experience in project management and consulting while preparing them for post-graduate careers. Students work in teams with expert clients including U.S. and international government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses to conduct policy and program analysis. Students draw on their substantial research, as well as qualitative and quantitative skills, to prepare final oral and written analysis and recommendations. There is a separate application and review process for students who wish to register for this option, so it is highly recommended that you have your resume and cover letter reviewed by your career advisor prior to submitting your application.

For more information, including upcoming practica and application deadlines, please visit the Practica Website.

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Substantial Research Paper (SRP)

This course is a research or policy paper based on independent research. Students must work to identify a faculty member to serve as their advisor and together agree upon the structure and timeline of the paper. It is generally good practice to begin thinking about your research topic and begin speaking to faculty in the semester before you register your SRP. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

SRP Registration:

To register for the SRP, you will need to submit the Independent Study Registration form. Review the Independent Study Registration page for instructions and a link to the form.

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