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SIS Career Resource Library: This site curated by the dedicated SIS Career Development team provides a wealth of information to students at all stages of their careers. Various materials and templates are available online for you to access at any time.

Resource Library


LinkedIn Tutorial: Learning how to use LinkedIn is a great way to build both your network and your personal Brand. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or looking for ways to strengthen your online presence, check out the resources below!


Resume Tips: Are you an executive going back to school or an up and coming executive in your field? Before submitting your resume it would be smart to consider learning the newest, most popular trends in executive resumes. Check out the resources below for tips on how to draft an executive resume.


Recruiters: Recruiters can be a great resource for job seekers but working with them can be difficult. Before using one it would be smart to understand the etiquette and expectations that come from using a recruiter. Check out the resources below for some tips!


Networking: One thing a large majority of successful individuals share is having a vast network. Building and maintaining your network can prove to be a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it. The resources below give great tips as how to start and improve your network!


Job Searching: Searching for a job can prove difficult, especially as a student. When looking for a job it helps to research norms and useful tips in order to have the most success. Below are some resources to improve your job searching strategy.


Career Exploration: Exploring new careers is fun and a great way to find your passion. Whether you are in a secure job or not it is a great idea to stay open to new careers and opportunities. Below you can find great career resources geared towards international studies students!