Student Organizations

American University has a wide variety of student leadership opportunities and clubs to join, ranging from sports such as soccer and rugby to culture clubs such as the Asian Student Association and the Intercultural Student Association.  A Club Fair is held every September so you will have a chance to see what is available.  You are encouraged to get involved with extra-curricular activities to meet new people and to balance out your academic life.

SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC)

MIS has a representative in the SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC), in the form of the MIS Senator. Elections for this position are held every year in early Fall. If interested in serving as the next senator, please sent a headshot and a 5 sentence platform with information about yourself and what you hope to accomplish in the role to

For more information visit the SIS GSC website.

Program Student Associations

Do you want to gain leadership and governance experience during your time at SIS? Do you want more community building events, academic discussions, or networking opportunities? Consider creating a student association!

Things Student Associations Do:

Professional Development: Student associations arrange visits with employers and arrange talks or mixers with alumni that supplement the work of the career development and alumni offices that are of specific interest to their student group

Social Events: potluck dinners, happy hours, and holiday parties!

Program Governance: assist with program evaluation by providing feedback

Resource Sharing: By getting a program association together, you get to know your cohort better and build stronger connections. You can support each other with academics and your job search as you share resources and provide moral support.

Student Association Requirements:
  • A Membership Roster
    • Must have a minimum of 8 members
  • A President and a Treasurer
    • Executive Board members must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be in good disciplinary standing to be eligible
    • These officers must attend a 1 hour Club Orientation Training Once they have submitted the registration form on the Student Organization Network. The two people who attend will be the only students who can financially transact with our office. (usually offered 3 times a semester)
    • Organization representatives must meet with a University Center and Student Activities advisor at least once per semester.
  • A Constitution/Bylaw Draft
  • General club email address, website, and or Facebook
  • Name and contact information for a faculty/staff advisor
    • The Staff Advisor for MIS would be the MIS Program Coordinator: Brittany Rock,, 202-885-6435
  • Registration and Annual Renewal with Student Activities
  • How much time to dedicate?
  • Logistical Assistance
    • Your Program Coordinator can help you with logistical coordination of any on-campus event including space reservation requests and advertising/marketing through the program listserv
  • Financial Assistance
    • From the SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC)
      • Tip: Typically, requests for under $50 are easily approved, but more than that requires approval by the senate—so nominate a senator to fight for funding for MIS student activities!
    • Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are eligible to apply for Student Activity Fee Funds provided they do not discriminate in their membership or activities based on someone’s true or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or any other basis under federal or local law. Check out AU Club Council’s Website,, for more info on requesting funds.

Interested? Email your program coordinator at to discuss your ideas!