American University's Master of International Service Program Executive Immersion Program: Come to Campus, Learn New Skills, Network with your Peers. Summer and Fall in Washington, DC.

Immersion Program Overview

Our bi-annual immersion weekend provides on-campus and online students the opportunity to join their classmates and peers in-person to actively expand their networks, work with professionals on branding their career and develop a professional strategy, personally engage with leaders in the international community, and network at high-performing international relations organizations in the nation’s capital. During the immersion weekend, students will also have the opportunity to participate in the first half of our popular hybrid Executive Leadership course. The Executive Leadership and Immersion program is usually offered every Summer and Fall.

Before registering for Immersion, students should consult with their Academic Advisor to understand the full implications of their decision based on their individual degree plans.

What is Executive Leadership?

Executive Leadership is a required course for all Executive Master of International Service degree candidates. In this interactive class, students discuss decision-making, ethical leadership, strategic communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, leading multi-cultural workforces, and change and crisis management. They have an opportunity to gain insight on their leadership strengths, challenges that may be impeding their effectiveness, and ways of creating leadership impact.

Professional career development is one important part of the Executive Leadership course.  Therefore, activities related to this important goal are incorporated into the course during the on-campus immersion and throughout the semester. By the end of this course, you will be better able to develop and apply your personal and professional strengths to enhance your career in leadership roles in intercultural contexts.

This hybrid course begins during the on-campus immersion and is followed by 15 weeks of online once weekly 80-minute live-session meetings. Additional fees may incur. 

International Immersion and Skills Institutes

For those students who have already completed their required Executive Leadership and Immersion course, we are pleased to offer two additional immersion opportunities: the international immersion and the skills immersion. If you are interested in participating in either of these additional immersions, please reach out to your academic advisor, Amy Newell, for more information.


Registration for Executive Leadership and Immersion follows a different process than regular classes. Details about this process will be sent via email to your email address in the weeks prior to the scheduled immersion dates. Please check your email regularly to ensure you are receiving the most timely information.


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