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Tuition & Fees
Cost of Living in DC

This crowd-sourced breakdown of costs gives the average cost of items such as tomatoes and toothpaste and allows a side-by-side comparison with various currencies around the world. *Note: Please be aware that this website is not endorsed or recommended by American University, and that the university does not monitor the content of this site.

Transit: For full-time on-campus students, the Metro UPASS is included in your fees.

Financial Aid

Below are some opportunities MIS students may explore to help finance their degree.

MIS Advanced Standing Credit
Exclusive for the MIS Executive Track (on-campus and online), Advanced Standing credit can be one way to reduce the number of credits required to complete the degree. To see if you are eligible, please visit the MIS website, and refer to your admissions letter. To apply for this credit you must submit an Advanced Standing application form, a current resume, and a 1-2 page statement outlining in detail the extent of interaction with a local population overseas and the insights into that country’s culture, society, and politics. If awarded, students may receive 3 or 6 credits. It is recommended that applicants submit this supplement at the time of application into the program, but it may be accepted up until mid-term of the student’s first semester. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

Please email mis@american.edu to request the Advanced Standing application form.

Active Military and Veterans

Active Military and Veterans who have questions about their benefits, please visit the AU Central website.

Through our partnership with Marine Corps University (MCU), graduates of the Command and Staff College Distance Education Program (CSCDEP) at the College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) are eligible for 6 credit hours of Advanced Standing. In addition to the credit waiver, CDET CSCDEP graduates qualify for a $5,000 scholarship when they enroll as a student in the Executive MIS program. To process this credit, applicants must fill out the Advanced Standing application. More information about CSCDEP at CDET

AU's Merit-Based Aid

AU’s Merit-Based Aid is usually decided upon admission into the University. The following are two opportunities offered at the University level:

  • United Methodist Graduate Scholarship: This fellowship is awarded each academic year to one or more incoming Canadian students pursuing graduate studies full-time at American University. The fellowship is applied to tuition charges. The Provost Office’s Graduate Studies provides more information on this fellowship.
  • Hart A. Massey Fellowship: This fellowship is awarded each academic year to one or more incoming Canadian students pursuing graduate studies full-time at American University. The fellowship is applied to tuition charges. The Provost Office’s Graduate Studies provides more information on this fellowship.
SIS Abroad Funding

For those interested in gaining international experience during your degree, you may consider the following funding opportunities to help make that dream a reality!

SIS Graduate Research Support
The SIS Graduate Research, Conference, and Internship Travel Support awards are designed to promote SIS graduate student scholarship and professionalism. Recipients are awarded up to $1000 for travel abroad and $500 for domestic travel to engage in academic research or participate in an internship or conference. PhD candidates and students applying to an SIS Summer Abroad Program are not eligible to apply.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Graduate students enrolled at least half-time in a Master’s or PhD program may be eligible for federal loans and/or federal work-study. To apply, students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There is no deadline, and the FAFSA will be reviewed on a rolling basis as it is received.
External Funding Opportunities
American University’s Office of Merit Awards offers a listing of external scholarships for students. The office also provides guidance in applying for awards and maximizing your chances of a successful application. Some may provide funding for further scholarship, while some are directed at recognizing current outstanding school work.
Find more information on financial resources through the SIS Graduate Admissions Office and the AU Financial Aid Office.

International Student-Specific Aid

Merit Scholarships
Merit-based financial aid is available to select international students with outstanding academic achievement. These awards are highly competitive. The two types of merit-based financial aid awarded to SIS international students are:

Hall of Nations Award– a merit-based scholarship with preference given to incoming SIS international students who do not have U.S. permanent residency or citizenship status. This award entails 18 credit hours of tuition remission per academic year (the number of credits required by a regular Master’s program is usually 39-42 for two academic years), a monthly stipend, and the opportunity to work with an SIS faculty member. This award is usually offered in the fall and is renewable for the second year contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and full-time enrollment status.

SIS Dean’s Award– a merit-based award for all incoming SIS applicants. This award gives partial tuition remission and does not typically carry a stipend. This award is usually offered in the fall and is renewable contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and full-time enrollment status.

Other Merit Scholarships (AU Office of Financial Aid): http://www.american.edu/admissions/international/prospectivefinance.cfm

Note: International students who receive merit-based aid from SIS can use their award total to cover part of the amount they are required to demonstrate on their financial documents for the I-20. For more information about the award application process, contact the SIS Graduate Admissions Office at sisgrad@american.edu

External Funding (Non-AU)

Here are some websites that students have found useful in the past for finding outside funding:

  •  www.nafsa.org
  • www.fundingusstudy.org
  • www.petersons.com
  • www.fordfound.org
  • www.rotary.org
  • www.myscholly.com

The following are free online scholarship search engines or databases designed for international students and U.S. study:

  • www.iefa.org
  • www.internationalscholarships.com
  • https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search

Here are some featured Scholarships aimed at international students:

  • www.mpowerfinancing.com/scholarships/
Financial Planning at AU

Please visit the following website for advice on how to plan your finances for your degree at AU: www.american.edu/admissions/international/admittedfinance.cfm