About Me



Greetings! My name is Mica Jordan and I am a freshman in American University’s School of Public Affairs, majoring in Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) and minoring in Public Administration and Policy. I have a keen interest in Education Policy and Health Policy as I have explored these fields both within and outside of the classroom. Upon graduating from American University, I desire to join Teach for America and attend Law School and then work in the decision making sector. I aspire to become a policy maker, policy reformer, or lobbyist.

Throughout high school I was involved in numerous organizations and community service endeavors to mitigate the Achievement Gap between African American and Caucasian students in my district. I was an International Baccalaureate Diploma Student and wrote my Extended Essay on the Achievement Gap and how education policy makers must reassess the modern school reform movement in order to effectively address the needs of socio-economically disadvantaged minority students who are often neglected and used as experimental subjects when developing new curriculum and standards. As I researched the Achievement Gap and observed students’ experiences in my community, I began to notice there are many structural issues in the education policy field that impede the success of all students. I emphatically believe education leads to self-growth and opportunity. In order to achieve social harmony, education policy makers must create equitable educational opportunities. I desire to further investigate and make change in the public schools. I am currently in the Schools and Society University College Program where I learn and analyze current and past education policy in the k-12 public school system, observe schools in the DC area, and meet with administrators and board members to increase equitable practices within schools to create a positive learning environment where all students feel their academic and human needs are addressed.

I currently serve as the Education Expert at American University’s branch of Roosevelt Institute, the nation’s largest policy think-tank for graduate and undergraduate students. As an Education Policy expert, I lead discussions and act as a mentor and resource for other students interested in Education Policy. I am working on submitting a policy to 10 Ideas, Roosevelt Institute’s policy handbook. I am researching funding and disciplinary issues within Charter Schools and am creating a policy that aims to mitigate charter school administrators’ ability to keep government funding, but expel students due to behavioral or achievement issues. I attempt to create a just and equitable policy that reduces a students’ likelihood of being expelled from a charter school due to issues the school may overlook, while also considering the charter school and acknowledging how a cut in funding may impact other students in the school who do not demonstrate behavior or achievement issues. 

I am a very passionate person who enjoys community service, but am aware that policy must be changed. Community service is a Band-Aid and issues must be changed at a structural level. I am friendly, outspoken, and a team-player. I am a vehement change-seeking individual willing to stand up and be a leader in an eloquent matter so that opposing views can function productively.

Contact Information:

Email: mj2061a@student.american.edu

Phone Number: (216) 738-9689