This month is the month!


Me on the equator which happens to run through Kenya!

This is the month! In 7 days I will be finally going out of the country! Words cannot describe how excited I am! Before I go to Kenya I will be going to the neighboring country Uganda with my family. Both my parents are from Uganda and we have family and relatives there that we are visiting. My family has been planning this trip ever since I told them I wanted to study abroad in Kenya almost a year ago. I’m excited to go back to Uganda and see family that I miss so much. Then after 8 days in Uganda, the true journey begins. I will land in Kenya around the 25th to start my study abroad journey!

I chose to study abroad in Kenya for many reasons. For one thing I wanted to put myself in a culture that is completely different from the US. I feel that the best chance to grow is by putting yourself in new environments. That is also one of the big reasons I came to American University. I left my comfort zone in order to grow. I left Georgia, which is the place I have called home for 18 years to experience something new. Now I have the opportunity to live in a totally new environment for a semester and this is an experience I wouldn’t turn down for the world. Another reason I chose Kenya was because the Kenya Public Health Program aligns with many of my interests in public health. I am particularly interested in epidemiology and the Kenya Public Health Program covers this topic that i am so passionate about. I am so excited literally counting down the minutes until my study abroad adventure begins!