About Me

Hi! My Name is Maxwell Mock and I am currently a sophomore at American University. I am studying Political Science, as well as the School of Public Affair’s Leadership Program.

Governmental Affairs has been something I have been interested in for most of my life. After taking my first U.S. History class, I have been fascinated with learning how the government functions, as well as the political ideologies that are involved. Having grown up with parents of different parties, I have heard both sides to about every argument.

From a young age, I have loved being apart of the interworkings of groups and interacting with others. I began with helping out the community as a Boy Scout, and eventually rose up and became the Senior Patrol Leader, where I led the organization of 100 scouts. I was tasked with organizing meetings,

When I have free time, I love to explore nature and the outdoors. I have trekked through most of the country, from camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota, to canoeing in the Allagash River in Northern Maine, to even hiking through the desert of New Mexico.