A Step to Make Shaw Accommodating for Everyone

Affordable two- and three-bedroom apartments planned for D.C.’s Shaw

Shaw, a community struck by gentrification has faced backlash by many African Americans for its changing physical landscape and demographics. Many African Americans feels as if the government is ignoring them and their issues with gentrification are not being heard. Although it would be difficult to revert the neighborhood back to its prior demographic make up, by building a housing development for poor families many concerned black residents could feel as if some of their concerns are being met.

A rendering of the new housing development.

Ditto Residential is partnering with Irving Development and Group 360 Real Estate Advisors to develop a rental community called The Ellis, with two or three-bedroom units. The building is named after Perry Ellis, a long time well respected member of Shaw. As the article states,  “Thirty percent of the units will be designated affordable housing, with more than half of the affordable units restricted to households with 30 percent of area median income and the rest limited to households with 50 percent of area median income.” By naming the rental community after a well respected person by the African American community and having half of the spaces specifically for lower income families, this an effort by businesses to help those who feel at unease with the rapid transformation of Shaw because of gentrification. Although buildings have been transformed or completely knocked down in which many African Americans aren’t completely welcomes to, this new modern looking housing development is done in part to quell the unease and anger. The business community is taking the lead by making Shaw a more accommodating place where all cultures and people are embraced by providing adequate housing for poorer residents. Although this will not solve all of the problems that have arised because of gentrification, this initiative is a step toward helping those who have felt disaffected by the rapid changes that Shaw, D.C, and many other areas across America have felt because of gentrification.


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