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Notes on Edgewood Terrace


It is a very urban neighborhood. It is in NE DC, and the houses that surround it are very urban.


The people here are predominantly African American. When I went, it was very warm out, so there were children playing football on the lawn of the apartments

There are public playgrounds close to here, and things seem, to be quiet around here.


Thinking back in time, I could understand why this was called Little Beirut. There is a sign that even says here that if drugs are sold here, the vehicle is subject to search and seizure

A metro bus runs right through here. Many of the people that live here [probably rely on the public metro buses.

Rap music from the kids was loud and pronounced. The apartments are on a hill

Everyone seems close knitted. I heard a kid say, “What chu doin in Edgewood?” to someone (not me) Everyone knows each other, and are close

It smells like an average area here. The wind is blowing, and things do not have a certain smell or taste to them.

The bench I sat on to take these notes has the handlebars to prevent homeless sleeping here

The metro ride went outside to Rhode Island Ave. Going outside for the metro was pretty cool.

Things had graffiti on the walls on the metro ride. It looked like your typical urban neighborhood.

You definitely feel like an outsider if you don’t live there. If you bought drugs there, you were welcome and known, but a stranger is definitely weeded out. I felt like that.

As a result,  my mental defenses went up. I was thinking, I am here to just take pictures and video, and get the hell out. I didn’t need or want to talk to anyone.

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