Extra Points Course Concepts Blog Post

What we have done in this class has given much opportunity to reflect and show what is important for the course concepts. The first explained that writing is a recursive series of choices that required us as students to make sophisticated choices in their own writing. This was done in several ways, so being the reading analyses, the annotated bibliographies, or even revising and updating our websites so that our work is neatly organized. In doing this, we were able to formulate an original, increasingly complex thesis in their writing projects and develop that thesis into a well-supported argument. This was done with our writing most obviously, but the method in which this was done is the key concern here. The use of Graff and Berkenstein’s They Say I Say and its various templates, the single author template, and the BEAM analysis all gave the opportunity to form our own thesis on our projects and assignments.

The third part of the course concepts required that we give critical feedback to our peers’ writing and apply critical feedback. This was done using comma patterns, commenting on other’s websites, but the most influential and coolest way this was done was with the use of hypothesis. Hypothesis was an interactive way to conduct and give important feedback on papers and have a conversation with not only ourselves, but for many others that also use hypothesis. This was also done through  Slack, and because it is growing in popularity, Slack is important for this class and most likely will appear again in a student’s career. The next part of the course concepts required that students use a range of research methods and incorporate source material into their writing so that it develops and supports their ideas. This was done through annotated bibliographies, the digital archives, and most especially with the work and research behind the first paper.

In doing so with regards to research, we were required to develop effective and appropriate organizational strategies for our writing. Multiple drafts and rewrites were given for this reason, so that we could know how to better organize our writing so that it made more sense and had a stronger system. This paved the way for us to practice critical thinking and reading skills so that original ideas can be devised, rather than simply echoing the ideas of others. This was done by the reading that were done and the comments and questions they respectively raised. In doing so, our own original ideas could be formed based on what we read. Lastly, this course required that we evaluate the credibility of sources, use academic/scholarly resources, and incorporate sources effectively and ethically. This was done for a majority of the assignments, especially the annotated bibliographies. Finding sources to go along with what would represent our projects was important, and in doing so, reliable sources were ascertained.

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