Mapping Commonplaces Project

For Professor Hoskins’s Writing 101 Section 27 class, I spent my time collecting data on and researching the Edgewood Terrace Apartments and Edgewood neighborhood. This area was mentioned in Ruben Castaneda’s S Street Rising as “Little Beirut” in reference to the Siege of Beirut in the Lebanese Civil War because of how violent it was. This area was once an open air drug market that was right off of the Rhode Island Metro Station. Looking at demographics, visiting the neighborhood, and truly exploring the interior and exterior of the neighborhood and apartment building have allowed me to take in such an important area of Washington D.C. I hope that people enjoy my research and take something away from it just like I have after all that was said and done.

The links to each part of the project are below. Walk with me into Edgewood!

Annotated Bibliography

Rhetorical Choices Explanation

Prezi Presentation

Digital Archives

Madison Shuler


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