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Monday May 8th, 2017 was a day of celebration to me. It was the day that I celebrated the hard work and dedication that went into my Writing 101 Mapping Commonplaces Project. This project required for me to do multiple things that pushed my boundaries, but in the end, it was all for the better.

Firstly, the mapping commonplaces project gave me an opportunity to explore and analyze an area of the District of Columbia to a new level. I only knew a portion of Northeast D.C., and would have never known about the Edgewood neighborhood had I not done research and made this presentation on it. It was an honor and a privilege to work with this area to truly make it my own and appreciate the Edgewood neighborhood and Edgewood Terrace Apartments for what they were, and what they are today. To go from being known as “Little Beirut” to being a thriving area with much to offer and see was vital in my comprehension to take pride and care for the Edgewood neighborhood.

I went first out of 3 students that presented their projects, and through the other two students and with Professor Hoskins’s suggestions for my project, I was able to make changes that would enhance my website and overall improve my project. It is here that I also feel that one of the boundaries I faced was first met. I had to create my own website, and I had no experience with website creation and maintenance prior to going into this class. Designing a website that had multimodal aspects that a person could truly interact with and “walk through Edgewood” was astonishing to me when the project was complete. The feedback I received from this presentation was only a method I used to enhance this fascination that I had with my project.

This presentation session closed with Professor Hoskins wishing us well in our future endeavours, but there was one thing that really stood out to me from what he said. It was the advice to never doubt yourself in what you are doing. It was Jessica that day that admitted that she used a video making software for her presentation, and also said that she was not technologically savvy. Professor Hoskins said to not doubt yourself, and to keep in mind that every opportunity is a new adventure, especially for things you are not too familiar with. I thought that was very meaningful and powerful, especially in my case because I knew slim to none about website creation. I left the presentation feeling good, because not only was the semester coming to a close, but I learned something that I knew would be pertinent to the rest of my life.

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