Shedding a Light on MMIW Through Art

Below are key artists in the MMIW movement who are both portraying the pain the indigenous community is going through and bringing attention to this movement through their artwork.


Woman Missing – Nani Chacon

This artwork by Nani Chacon demonstrates a metaphor between the monarch butterflies, a missing and dying species, and the missing and murdered indigenous women. One can see how both the butterfly and the Native woman are fading into the background signifying the lack of attention and respect given to them.

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Secrets of the Nutchatch – Karen Savage-Blue

In this piece, the artist, Karen Savage-Blue, is depicting a Native woman silenced with a nuthatch close to her. The nuthatch is an endangered species previously thought to be extinct. The artist is making a comparison between this nuthatch and the long-lasting violence being enacted against Native women. The indigenous woman silencing herself could be interpreted in a multitude of ways. One way being her silencing herself as a means to protect herself from the notice of those who could hurt her. Another way being a silence forced upon her from the rest of the world who neglect to bring attention to the MMIW movement.

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Not Forgotten - Maxine Noel
Not Forgotten – Maxine Noel

This art piece by Sioux Native Artist Maxine Noel illustrates the spirits of the missing and murdered indigenous women surrounding the young Native woman. Those missing and murdered are “Missing but never lost, Always present, always remembered.”

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Untitled - Jackie Fawn
Untitled – Jackie Fawn

The story of this piece is of a sister being engulfed by the blacksnake, and its poison. She holds a candle that has burned for what seem like an endless time in the darkness. Protecting her spirit are two red butterflies that carry the prayers of the people for our murdered and missing. For our women and children, we must rise. For our water and the connection that the earth and women share, we must rise. For their futures, we rise.” – Jackie Fawn 

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