Sing Our Rivers Red Activism

Earring Exhibit

The Sing Our Rivers Red Earring Exhibit is a traveling exhibit with the goal of raising awareness for the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and colonial gender based violence. 

The exhibit is made up of donated earrings. They only display one earring of the pair. The earrings symbolize indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit and LGBTQQIA people who have been stolen. 

1,181 earrings are displayed at a time to represent the 1,181 Native Canadian women and girls who have been missing or murdered since 1980. 

Sewing Circle

Sewing Circles are a part of the Earring Exhibit, which gives participants the opportunity to contribute to the exhibit. Participants sew single-sided earrings onto a blanket to be a part of the exhibit. 

Art as Activism

SORR among their other projects also highlights this original artwork called “missing” by Nani Chacon. “Missing” was created to honor North American missing and murdered indigenous women.

The monarch butterflies symbolize indigenous women. Monarch butterflies are native to North America and are endangered which  connects them to indigenous women in North America. 

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Participate in the activism

Add this frame to your profile photos (on any social media site) to raise awareness and start a conversation about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Movement.


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