Work Samples

Take a look at some of my work:

Academic Research Papers

Here is a paper I researched about contemporary attempts by law makers to fix the voting system in the United States; Click to View as a PDF

Here is a research paper that focuses on the dichotomy between Washington DC acting as a place of protest and political influence while the citizens living there lack a political voice of their own; Click to View as PDF


Here is an opinion piece on the necessity of implementing Automatic Voter Registration in the United States to increase voter turnout and participation in elections; Click to View as a PDF

Here is an opinion piece I wrote as my reaction as a Jewish woman to the shooting at a Synagogue in San Diego California in light of Holocaust Remembrance day; Click to View as a PDF

Policy Memos

Here is the memo I wrote to Representative Ed Perlmutter on H.R. 645, the Automatic Voter Registration Act, an act he ultimately chose to co-sponsor; Click to View as a PDF

Here is a memo I composed on campaign finance regulations in the United States, and specifically my analysis on the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and my recommendations for the future. Click to View as a PDF