Problem Solving in HNRS 200

Problem solving is part of every class on some scale but in HNRS 200, Climate Change Science, Politics, and Policy,  my problem solving abilities were put to the test.  Our mock negotiation was conducted for the sole purpose of seeing how the issue of climate change is “solved” internationally.  I approached the problem of climate change through Norway’s perspective and quickly adopted the strategy of using money to garner participation in green efforts.  I pushed for mitigation over adaptation, especially in developing countries.  I also worked with a few other oil-dependent nations (Venezuela, Saudi Arabia) to create agreements on transitioning away from oil-based economies through technology transfer from other nations (Japan).  When certain states would not agree with what I, as Norway, or my negotiation groups wanted, compromise was important, but offering alternatives was key.  When something did not work, offering an alternative was the best way to get around the issue and move forward.  Or, if there was no alternative, switching the focus to “more important” problems could move things forward.

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