Welcome. You made it. Somehow, through some sort of curiosity (or because this is my writing professor grading my assignments), you found your way to this website. Since you’re here, take a look around. Let your mind take a step back and view your environment in a different perspective. Comment, debate, and create in the Commonplace Book, which features a different outlook on every day rhetoric. Go here and you can read my outlook on articles’ rhetorical meaning. Explore the Built Environment of Edgewood in Washington, D.C., including an exterior, interior, and digital observation. If you’re wanting a more in-depth analysis of Edgewood, you’re in luck. Go here for a perspective that reveals Washington, D.C. has forgotten about their largest mural of street art in the midst of their battle of ‘illegal graffiti’. There’s some pictures and sources, too. Just look around. Enjoy.