Annotated Bibliographies 3 and 4 Franklin Square

3. image: Inauguration 1 by Michael Shanosky January 20, 2017

This image taken by myself depicts a single police officer in a relaxed stance as a group of his fellow officers are on a break behind him. To me this image seems almost eerily calm with only one officer looking off into the crowd with not that much happening.

In my paper I will use this image to show how an image does not tell a whole story. In this picture one would believe that not that much occurred at the protests and that the police were only there as a precaution. The truth is often found after piecing together multiple images and accounts from multiple perspectives this allows for a wider view of the event as well as give less of chance of misleading an audience with lack of facts intentional or not. This helps support my main point that images can be seen in different lights and that often one image is not enough to create a narrative about.

4. image: Inauguration 2 by Michael Shanosky January 20, 2017

This is another image taken by myself that shows three groups of people at a conflict. It shows the protestors blocking off the street trying to cause a disturbance, the police force, which is attempting to contain the protestors to area surrounding Franklin Square to not cause further disturbances around the city. Lastly, it depicts a group of trump supporters forming a line to protects the police officers from the protestors. This image helps show some of the tension that day as well as many of the participating sides in Franklin Square.

I will use this image in my paper to also show how one image does not capture the whole story of an event. I just looking at this picture many would believe that there was constant back and forth and conflict between all of the major parties, even though this factually true or depict an accurate representation of the events of that day.

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