Annotated Bibliographies 5 and 6 Twitch and Franklin Square

5. is a live streaming site where in the past was primarily used for gaming is quickly adapting into an irl (in real life) streaming site where broadcasters can show their audience a part of their life they are experiencing through video. In layman’s terms is kind of like a live video log.

I was considering using this site as well as my audience to help gain attention to some of the issues and problems facing the people that call Franklin Square their home. This has been a hobby of mine for some time and incorporating it into my final project seems like a very interesting an ambitions task. I have already gone around and talked to some of the locals of the area and they talk to me about some of the issues they are facing as well as what they like and do not like about Franklin Square. Some of the perspectives and information I received could be found nowhere else and I am somehow incorporating it into my final project.

6. is website intended to aid those in presenting a topic and as a tool to group information together. It also makes the information much more audience friendly and allows the presenter to show their audience quickly and easily the points they want to discuss as well relevant information they have come across.

I would incorporate prezi into my final project by potentially using it as one of the mediums to display my information I which to convey. It would be great for grouping like ideas as well as drawing the links to some ideas that might at first not seem similar but in actuality have a lot in common.

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