RA3 The New Urbanism

In David Fleming’s City of Rhetoric Chapter 6 discusses his idea of a new urbanism. The main point that Fleming is trying to address is that what “new urbanism” basically boils down too is the fact that many cities across the country are being gentrified. Now whether gentrification is a good thing, a bad thing, or somewhere in the middle is up to debate. Fleming, however argues that it is often a bad thing that leads to the displacement of poor and heavily favors and tailors to wealthier individuals.

Flemings offers us the example of Cabrini Green, a historically low income area in Chicago that is currently going through the process of gentrification. Although this idea of gentrification seems like a good idea on the surface, getting rid of the poorer areas and brining wealth and everything that comes with it to historically poor areas, that does not come without consequences. Flemings believes that as the process of gentrification continues through Cabrini green “thousands of residents” will lose their homes and be forced out due to the rising cost of living. Fleming believes that this idea of a “new urbanism” should never be looked at as inherently good and that with is comes a lot of consequences that us as a society as a whole need to address. We cannot continue to pretend that these problems to not exist and that thousands of people every year are losing their homes do to the ever encroaching wealthier areas pushing them out.

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