RA4 a New Sociospatial Dialect

In David Fleming’s City of Rhetoric, chapter eight titled Toward a New Sociospatial Dialect, Fleming addresses the issue about creating the best possible┬ásociety. What I believe this chapter basically comes down to is that even if it were possible to create a world where everyone was given the exact same chance with the same benefits and the same upbringing and the same biases “we cannot guarantee that people will act or think the way that we want them too”. Meaning that even in this hypothetical utopian society their will still be many people that fail, many people that commit crime, and a many people that simply do not contribute to that society.

However, in spite of all that it is our duty to try and make the wold better and to not give up. Because even if many people will still fail in our utopian society we will definitely cut down on the umber of people that do as well as give everyone a fair chance to succeed, and as far as legislation goes you can never get everyone to act the way that would be best for them. Legislation can only go so far, but it definitely a step in the right direction of leveling the playing field and giving and equal opportunity to all that want it.

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