RA5 City of Rhetoric Three Final Points

In the final chapter of David Fleming’s, City of Rhetoric, he talks about three final reasons why he is hopeful that are societies future can be heading in the right direction. They are first that the nature of human society is that one of betterment. Meaning that we are always trying to improve not only ourselves but neighborhood, city, state, nation, and world around us. We have thousands of years of human innovation and progress to look back on that we as a species generally¬†have our best interests at heart. Even though that peoples ideas of what a better future looks like thats all everyone wants in the most part, the only difference is how we get there.

The second point that Fleming makes is that even though some people may disagree with some or all of Fleming’s ideas on¬†society, because they believe these dense cities to be unnatural, often times these unnatural cities provide the best hope for Earth’s future sustainability. This again is similar to the first point where although the ideas are different on how to better the planet, all sides have a common goal, a better future. The only difference is how we get there.

The third and final point Fleming makes is that himself as a teacher has seen hundreds of students and that having seen and heard the ideas of these students he believes that society as a whole will continue to improve. He mentions how it is impossible to not be optimistic of the future when you have so many young people filled with their own creative ways of solving problems how can one not be optimistic for the future.

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