Annotated Bibliographies 5 and 6 Twitch and Franklin Square

5. is a live streaming site where in the past was primarily used for gaming is quickly adapting into an irl (in real life) streaming site where broadcasters can show their audience a part of their life they are experiencing through video. In layman’s terms is kind of like a live video log.

I was considering using this site as well as my audience to help gain attention to some of the issues and problems facing the people that call Franklin Square their home. This has been a hobby of mine for some time and incorporating it into my final project seems like a very interesting an ambitions task. I have already gone around and talked to some of the locals of the area and they talk to me about some of the issues they are facing as well as what they like and do not like about Franklin Square. Some of the perspectives and information I received could be found nowhere else and I am somehow incorporating it into my final project.

6. is website intended to aid those in presenting a topic and as a tool to group information together. It also makes the information much more audience friendly and allows the presenter to show their audience quickly and easily the points they want to discuss as well relevant information they have come across.

I would incorporate prezi into my final project by potentially using it as one of the mediums to display my information I which to convey. It would be great for grouping like ideas as well as drawing the links to some ideas that might at first not seem similar but in actuality have a lot in common.

Annotated Bibliographies 3 and 4 Franklin Square

3. image: Inauguration 1 by Michael Shanosky January 20, 2017

This image taken by myself depicts a single police officer in a relaxed stance as a group of his fellow officers are on a break behind him. To me this image seems almost eerily calm with only one officer looking off into the crowd with not that much happening.

In my paper I will use this image to show how an image does not tell a whole story. In this picture one would believe that not that much occurred at the protests and that the police were only there as a precaution. The truth is often found after piecing together multiple images and accounts from multiple perspectives this allows for a wider view of the event as well as give less of chance of misleading an audience with lack of facts intentional or not. This helps support my main point that images can be seen in different lights and that often one image is not enough to create a narrative about.

4. image: Inauguration 2 by Michael Shanosky January 20, 2017

This is another image taken by myself that shows three groups of people at a conflict. It shows the protestors blocking off the street trying to cause a disturbance, the police force, which is attempting to contain the protestors to area surrounding Franklin Square to not cause further disturbances around the city. Lastly, it depicts a group of trump supporters forming a line to protects the police officers from the protestors. This image helps show some of the tension that day as well as many of the participating sides in Franklin Square.

I will use this image in my paper to also show how one image does not capture the whole story of an event. I just looking at this picture many would believe that there was constant back and forth and conflict between all of the major parties, even though this factually true or depict an accurate representation of the events of that day.

Annotated Bibliographies 1 and 2 Franklin Square


This is the Wikipedia article on Franklin Square. It contains surface level information about some of the important facts about Franklin Square. Such as, founding dates, as well as major historical events that have occurred in or around the square. It also provides some context as to where in the city it is located and what is directly surrounding the square.

I will use this Wikipedia article to provide some of the background information of my location. As well as a potential launching point for further research into Franklin Square. Although the article does not provide that in depth of summary of some of the major facets about the square it does offer the reader a glimpse into some potential ideas to talk about and discuss, some of which I will look into for my paper.


Caple, Helen, and Monika Bednarek. “Rethinking News Values: What a Discursive Approach Can Tell Us about the Construction of News Discourse and News Photography.”

This is a scholarly article discussing the theory that many major news outlets can fabricate stories to fir a narrative they are attempting to portray by manipulating the information they gather. The article goes on to discuss how the main goal of these major news outlets is to sell stories, so often they will either intentionally leave out evidence or mislead their audience in order to garner more views which equates to more money.

I will use this article in my paper as a an example to how one group (media) is manipulating images and information to construct narratives to better off themselves. This occurs in a variety of field, news media, politics, etc. and this article will give more credence to my main point that images can be seen in different way and information can easily be manipulated for the needs to fit ones own specific narrative.

Annotated Bibliographies 9 and 10 Imagery and Franklin Square

9. Different Lights essay

Final Paper 1 Different Lights

This essay written by me discusses the problems that an image can cause. For example, when someone sees an image they see a glimpse of a greater picture of what is happening at a certain place at a certain time. However, these images can often be misleading, either from neglect or intentionally. The person viewing the image is only able to see that one perspective of an event, where in many instances that lack of information will cause that person viewing the image to create a false narrative of what they think is happening.

This is important to my final project because the history Franklin Square is filled with politics, protests, and conflicting views. Many of the times one side fabricating a story from one image that paints their side in a better light and disregard and other information that would conflict with the narrative they are attempting to construct. I will use this essay as reference to specific events that have happened around Franklin Square and how easy it is for people to create these often false narratives.


10. Washington Post Article on Inauguration Day Protests

This article from the Washington Post discusses some of the events that occurred directly across the street from their building in Franklin Square. Including the mass gathering of people as well as criminal acts the protestors committed such as breaking store front windows and setting a limousine on fire.

I will use this article in my final project to discuss one of the many protests that have occurred on or near the Franklin Square area. These protests are important to both the politics and culture that surround Franklin Square and its vivid history.

Annotated Bibliographies 7 and 8 Reddit Place

Annotated Bibliography 7 and 8 Exhibit


/r/place was a subreddit on for 3 days where an individual could place a single pixel of a variety of colors down once every ten minutes. The idea seemed strange at first but over the course of those three days, thousands of different communities came together and created something beautiful. Each adding their own unique twist on the massive canvas. The message on the sidebar of the subreddit says a lot about the meaning behind /r/place.


“There is an empty canvas.

You may place a tile upon it, but you must wait to place another.

Individually you can create something.

Together you can create something more.”


I will be using this as the main exhibit for my final project. I will talk about how different communities came together to create something beautiful. Everyone of us that participated in those three days will forever be apart of something far greater than themselves. This final project fits /r/place perfectly, everyone having their own ideas of what beauty is and adding their own form of artistic expression to the canvas. Exhibit


/r/srarryknights was a group dedicated to creating a replicate of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. A community of a few hundred users was successful in this and did an amazing job creating and protecting the artwork. Individually each pixel each user placed does not mean much by themselves but together, they created something more.
I will be using /r/starryknights as an example of a community I was personally apart of, that came together to create something spectacular. This is just one of the thousands of examples I could have chosen, that created /r/place. This is a commonplace among the thousands that were created.