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Franklin Square has been used by protestors and rioters for decades as a place to organize and convey their beliefs and complaints. As recently as the President Trump’s inauguration day, protestors marched around the city in objection to Trump. They eventually made there way to Franklin Square where they stayed for hours into the night attempting to make their voices heard by creating a commotion. This was done by blocking off traffic in the streets, picking fights with Trump supporters, as well as events like the photograph above which depicts a limousine ablaze in front of the Washington Post that was set on fire by disgruntled protestors.

Digital Archives Interior and Cultural Franklin Square


Even Though Franklin Square and the areas surrounding it have been in a state of gentrification for decades, there are still many instances of where one can see that the poorer and homeless population still play a very active role in the community. Photographed here is a makeshift tent made from trash and blankets where one of Franklin Square’s homeless calls home. It is apparent that the homeless population makes up a portion of Franklin Square and contributes to the culture.

Digital Archive 5 Franklin Square

View of the Washington Post building from Franklin Square. There are some sharp contrasts in many of the photos. From the the homeless sleeping on the park benches, the protests on inauguration day, and the more appealing photo here. The point I am trying to make is that with anything one is photographing there are an infinite ways to capture something to fit a specific narrative.

Digital Archive 3 Franklin Square

Photo from Inauguration day next to Franklin Square. This picture captures some of the emotion and feeling of that day by the two crowds as well as the police. Some of the protesters had formed a line blocking traffic and police from getting through. The police lined up against them to contain the protesters to Franklin Square. Some Trump supporters can also be seen protecting the police by forming there own line directly in front of the police.