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The idea of creating a social mix in troubled neighborhoods with the intentions of educating, integrating, and helping the community as a whole is not what it seems. In “The City of Rhetoric”, David Fleming explains that this system, which has been implemented, is undermining and silencing the poor while celebrating the diversity that the middle class presents. He argues that the incorporation is biased, and that its fundamental design is “attracting high-end buyers and renters”(141). Fleming describes in this effort to diversify, unify, and create equality, housing authorities actually harm the minority neighborhoods they are trying to help. He even describes an interview he had with the head of a certain housing authority as the head describes an emphasis on the middle class integration into the community. The head notes that “this place will be run as a market-rate community that just happens to have public housing residents” (142). This design that housing authorities use is centered on the choice of rich people to live wherever they want. Alternatively, the authorities use the idea that the poor, poverty class do not have a choice. This creates the bias that basically explains this entire project is centered around attracting the middle class while actually ignoring and hiding the low income class.

When New York City is advertised, it  includes the high rises and narcoleptic behavior of manhattan. However, it does not include that 102 public housing projects that are scattered throughout Manhattan. It does not include that Manhattan has the most public housing in all five boroughs. People do not even know what Harlem is when they arrive in NYC. The reputation that the city boasts, with its nightlife and never ending opportunities, attracts younger, middle class white people that are encouraged to live and invest in the city. Therefore, it negates NYC’s low income residents while appealing to the pioneership of the rich people.


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