U Street preparing for the Playoffs

Mural behind Ben’s Chili Bowl with Bradely Beal and John Wall

In hopes of  beating their last season playoff record, the Washington Wizards face off this week against their nemesis, the Atlanta Hawks. A mural portraying the Washington Wizard’s stars, Bradely Beal and John Wall, was created in U Street behind Ben’s Chilli Bowl. The artist of this mural is unknown but thorugh his art, we can get a general sense of who he is. First off, the artist is definitely a U Street native because he used the wall of U Street’s most famous eaterie. He is also very artistically skilled, which means he has definitely attended an arts institution, probably around DC. Finally, we can tell he is certainly a U Street native because of his skills and his knowelgde of U Street.

Cardozo educational complex

Cardozo Educational Complex

North of U Street stands a educational campus that may look like a college/higher-level institution but is acutally a highschool. Known as the castle on the hill, the Cardozo highschool serves as a reminder of the promise of a better future. It has a reputation of a academically sound school with many teachers being qualified as college professors. The majority of youth of U Street attends this highschool for hopes of a better future. Such an academic insitiution is essential to the future of U Street and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

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U Street’s neighboor




Shaw neighbourhood

Off to the southeast side of U Street lies a neighbourhood which is seemingly similar to it. Shaw is a neighbourhood which also has many black people living and also is historically black. Just like U Street, Shaw also has seen a rapid gentrification which was also due to sociocultural mixing. To make an even bigger connection, Shaw had its gentrification period at around the same time as U Street. They have both seen the exciting re emergence of their neighbourhood in the early part of the 21st century. A coincidence like this makes so much sense when you can realize that the residents of both neighbourhoods went through the same things and possibily helped each other out.

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Howard University

Howard University

Outside of the bounds of the U Street neighbourhood lie many institutions which accept many U Street locals. This allows for the oppurtunity of higher education for minority groups. Since U Street is a neighbourhood which is predomantely and historically black, institutions like Howard University provide an education to many of the residents. Not to mention, Howard University is one of the only historically black schools in DC. Being historically black, it acts as a second home for young black students who are interested in studying at a school which provides way more than an ordinary community or public school.

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