About Me

I am a student of politics and religion learning, growing, leading, and praising. From D.C. to Oxford I continue to explore how to think about government from many different angles. My passion for systems of government began in the spring of my junior year of high school in US History recreating the Constitutional Convention and it has only grown since then. My senior year of high school I wrote my Thesis on the Electoral College which gave me the chance to study how we elect the President. Three years later I got to spend a year researching Theology and Politics at the University of Oxford – taking my research and passion to a level a had only dreamed about.

My Christian faith and fascination for government have collided into an academic passion for ceaselessly exploring the relationship between religion and politics. While at AU I took every chance I had to work religion into my papers for courses ranging from College Writing to my Intro to Political Research class. At the University of Oxford I got to challenge myself in new and exciting ways. I took a course that explored the life and theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer as he worked to reconcile his Christian faith with participation in an assassination attempt on Hitler and working against Germany in WWII. I had the opportunity to explore the U.S. Supreme Court’s and British government’s relationship to religion past and present. Additionally, I got to dive into the core of Christian moral thought and the faith as Paul details it in his New Testament letters. My year abroad allowed me to study government from a theological perspective instead of the other way around.

Through all of this, as I learn about systems of government and understand leadership theory and practice, it is clear to me that God has plans for me I never dreamed of. The experiences I have had at AU and Oxford have put me on a path that I never anticipated and I could not be happier. My life is incredibly busy but I would not want it any other way. I love everything I am doing now and I am eager to take on whatever God has in store for me in the future!