Analysis of Fleming’s City of Rhetoric: Preface

In City of Rhetoric, David Fleming illustrates in the Preface the relationship between political relations and the Built Environment. He claims that the growing spatial stratification of the built environment such as things like decentralization and polarization is the cause and effect of increasingly impoverished political relations with each other. Fleming thinks that the built environment matters because it is reflective of our political state and relationships with each other as citizens of the United States. He also points out the fact that our physical landscape and the buildings that we are choosing to build in our environment are becoming increasingly isolating, which is pushing farther away from others different from ourselves. This exclusivity and spatial form is  allowing us to have less interaction with others and this is weakening the relationship between citizen. This built environment matter to Fleming because he recognizes that it is a matter of our future as citizens and as a successful and cohesive nation; if we continue to build structures that push ourselves away from others that aren’t like us it will only be more detrimental to us as a whole.

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