“Its a beautiful world and be apart of what keeps the beauty. Don’t be the ugly part. Nobody remembers the ugly part.”

I’ve watched this clip more times than I can count; its incredibly emboldening in my eyes. Im so proud of Curtis and I don’t even know him personally; but what I do know is that he’s from Baltimore, an area where black men are constantly being challenged on their masculinity and adhering to masculine ¬†gender stereotypes are a matter of life or death and he’s walking around in all pink with flowers on his shoes and balloons. Like he said in the video… use to be a “masculine” color anyway. The fact that society decided to assign gender and gender roles to nearly everything in the world to include colors is insane to me. Especially given the fact that there aren’t just two genders as many people would think, its a spectrum and everyone can be gender fluid at some point or another.

Our society has always been ridiculously harsh about what it means to be feminine and what it means to be masculine and Curtis constantly puts our content on his Tumblr¬†page that challenges these ideas. He’s comfortable in his own energy and in his own body and that in itself is inspiring to me. We are all loved parts of this universe so I agree with him when he says to be apart of what keeps the beauty, thats what matters most.



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