Annotated Bibliography 9 + 10

Ramanathan, Lavanya. “The Latest Trick to Making New Developments Cool: Just Add Rock-and-roll.” The Washington Post [Washington DC] 23 Mar. 2016: n. pag. Print.

This article featured in the Washington Post last month explain’s Seth Hurwitz’s plans for The Anthem, a brand new concert venue and  the highlight of the highly anticipated new attraction to Southwest DC called The Wharf.  Seth Hurwitz is the co-founder of IMP Productions and also the owner of 9:30 Club as well as the Lincoln Theatre. Hurwitz’s vision for his newest concert venue, The Anthem is a grand one, it is suppose to open October of this year and seat 6,000 people per concert. The concert venue is going to  be below a pool club that he plans to open in the roof of the venue and concert go-ers will be able to look up at the glass floor of the swimming pool. The 60 million dollar venue is highly anticipated and a project, Hurwitz himself has state he thinks will be an “excellent attraction to the area”.  The Anthem is sure to be heard about again in the fall of this year for the grand opening. 

This article is helpful more me in a way that allows me to learn more about the owner of the Lincoln Theatre, Seth Hurwitz. This article goes into fair detail the business side of what Hurwitz is like and why he chooses to invest in the projects and partnerships that he does. This article is a helpful source from learning about Hurwitz in a business perspective.


Phillips, Hayley G. “San Francisco-born Pop-Up Magazine Lands at the Lincoln Theatre Tuesday.” Washingtonian [Washington DC] 28 Feb. 2017: n. pag. Print.


This article covers, a performance of Pop-Up Magazine at the Lincoln Theatre two month ago. A pop-up magazine is also known as a live magazine that performs all of its contents therefore its producers, writers, filmmakers, actors, and photographer as well as radio host take the stage and perform the content that would otherwise be found in a magazine. The performance is about 90 minutes and is made up of about 10 people. The founder of Pop-Up Magazine, Douglas McGray,  thought the Lincoln theatre would be a great venue for the show because he grew up in Washington DC well into his 20s and felt like it would be received well in this area, he said “DC is such a smart crowd, full of curious people”. McGray has brought the Pop-Up Magazine to venues in DC as well as San Francisco and he thinks the Lincoln Theatre is a “nice fit” for his show.

This article is useful to my research because I able to learn more in detail about the current acts and talent being booked at the Lincoln Theatre a bit more in detail rather than just looking at the show schedule on the theatre’s website. From this article I am able to learn about what type of talent the Lincoln Theatre is presently booking, what type of shows are being hosted and whom are in the Theatre looking to attract the most. 

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