Lincoln Theatre: Interior and Cultural Digital Archive

Watch a Video of the Inside of the Lincoln Theatre Lobby Here.

The inside of the Lincoln Theatre was grandeur. The Lobby of the theatre was clean and polished just like what one would expect from the outside. There was a red carpet outside of the theatre, with “Lincoln Theatre” printed on it that lead to the entrance of the lobby. The architecture was a very classic baroque detail that makes one feel like they are about to see one of the most magnificent shows of the year. The colors of the lobby are a baby blue with Gold painted crown molding and trimming. There are bright red carpeted stairs on both sides of the lobby that lead the guest to their seats for the show. The ceiling is very high, painted in a gold color with details and large Chandelier hanging over the entire lobby. The design of the inside of the lobby alone gives such a grandiose feeling that adds to the whole experience of what the Lincoln Theatre is and whom gets to perform as sed venue. The design and architecture of the inside of the theatre, especially the lobby fit the culture and the classical history of what the venue is about perfectly.

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