The Power of She

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Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty is a FASHION ICON. She’s a world renown pop-star, singer, songwriter, philanthropist and CEO but she’s made the fashion world her playground within the past few years and the image above is the most recent photo of Rihanna circling the internet. Its not the ensemble that Rihanna adorn at Coachella 2017 that has the internet in a frenzy (again) but its her nipples that has people talking…..yes her nipples. Rihanna is notorious for her cutting edge style and unique taste but more she has a lot of critics for the way she chooses to expose he nipples in nearly almost every outfit she wears. Why its such a big deal? I have no clue. I’ve never understood why people are so outraged over a human body part as simplistic as a nipple when it comes to women but yet men expose their nipples all the time. Male nipples are commonplace and female nipples are some how made out to be taboo…..Rihanna has clearly rejected this social norm with her stylistic choices over the years. Whether its been another televised award show, editorial photoshoot, her own “Work” music video, a music festival, or just a causal outing, Rihanna has no problem “freeing” the nipples and remaining carefree about who doesn’t approve of it. She’s been such a trailblazer in contemporary fashion, a trendsetter in pop-culture, and a icon in the entertainment industry over the years, all while challenging social standards and gender norms/expectations of the female human body simply through the way she dresses. Seeing these images of Rihanna and even how comfortable she is with herself and choosing to wear what it is she likes despite the misogynistic, hateful, comments she receives is extremely empowering for me to see as a young woman. 

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