Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This sign is posted outside of one the gender-neutral restrooms on American University’s Campus. The sign reads in the second paragraph, “Sharing  a bathroom could feel new and different, but we appreciate everyone helping to make this restroom inclusive to everyone.” this statement is American University acknowledging the people that are going to be bothered by beneficial efforts such as this one, but at the same time its a statement that is firm and to the point about the necessary to be inclusive. This paragraph cordially and professionally leaves no room for dispute about this being a gender-neutral restroom; yet,  there’s no number or email provided for people to contact Housing and Dining to voice their complaints  and I appreciate that. Im proud of American University to making this change to the campus and Im proud they choose to take a stance rather than playing “the middle man” in a topic such as this.

The presence of gender-neutral restrooms is a fairly new addition to a few big name public spaces such as Target stores and Google offices. It is no surprised that American University, being a liberal college has headed in the direction of being more progressive in regards to gender, thus including gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. In today’s world we are living in a society where identity in gender is increasingly more fluid and young people on college campuses are becoming more expressive. Im glad American University is making a step in this direction to a greater acceptance of all people and I look forward to the continuing of efforts made by the university to uphold the standards of inclusion and acceptance that they promote and advertise to the public.

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