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Lincoln Theatre: Interior and Cultural Digital Archive

Watch a Video of the Inside of the Lincoln Theatre Lobby Here.

The inside of the Lincoln Theatre was grandeur. The Lobby of the theatre was clean and polished just like what one would expect from the outside. There was a red carpet outside of the theatre, with “Lincoln Theatre” printed on it that lead to the entrance of the lobby. The architecture was a very classic baroque detail that makes one feel like they are about to see one of the most magnificent shows of the year. The colors of the lobby are a baby blue with Gold painted crown molding and trimming. There are bright red carpeted stairs on both sides of the lobby that lead the guest to their seats for the show. The ceiling is very high, painted in a gold color with details and large Chandelier hanging over the entire lobby. The design of the inside of the lobby alone gives such a grandiose feeling that adds to the whole experience of what the Lincoln Theatre is and whom gets to perform as sed venue. The design and architecture of the inside of the theatre, especially the lobby fit the culture and the classical history of what the venue is about perfectly.

The Lincoln Theatre: Exterior and Political Digital Archive


The environment in which surrounds the Lincoln Theatre is incredibly historic, the exterior is of the Lincoln Theatre and its surrounding is probably just as significant as the theatre itself. Since being re-done the outside of thee theatre is regal and polished making he theatre inviting and presentable all while keeping that old school, classic looks that the Lincoln Theatre is known for. The theatre itself is surrounded  by history, right next to it is the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl, that was founded in 1958! A few doors down from the theatre is the a grand new living space called The Ellington Apartments. Ironically, enough one of the most famous people to play at the Lincoln Theatre when it first opened as Duke Ellington. The namesake of the new luxury apartments I’m sure is a nod to the historical significance of not only Lincoln Theatre but of U Street’s connection to the great musician. Although one could say that the theatre is located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of U Street right next to one of DC’s Most famous eateries, luxury apartments, U Street Music Hall, and across the street from a metro station, the theatre does not have a hard time of standing it from its surroundings, it sits on the corner, bold and regal.

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A much as the Lincoln Theatre is effected by the history of its exterior and its surroundings, its just as heavily effected by politics. First, U Street much like the majority of Washington DC is being gentrified, not shockingly so. The politics of money is what really is connected the Lincoln Theatre, The renovations, the new ownership, who owns the theatre, where its located all have to do with politics of money, with the hopes that these factors will attract the people with money. The people whom live in the Ellington, next door to the theatre are going to be only people whom are culture connoisseurs with money.

Lincoln Theatre -Digital Archive 5

This is another image capture outside of the Lincoln Theatre, I wanted to capture another view of the theatre but the surrounding area as well and I noticed the older building across the street that had a faded Coca-Cola logo on the side of the building that was slowly disappearing. It makes be wonder what this area of U Street and around the Lincoln Theatre was like many years ago, to have a famous theatre across from what was probably a factory probably made this one of the busiest sections of U Street but also was probably where most people went to work, either at the Coca-Cola Factory or having a job at the theatre. In this area I didn’t see much of any housing or living quarters, but around the theatre in general are a lot of eateries and stores, the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl right next door to the theatre is sure to bring some traffic to the theatre as well.

Lincoln Theatre – Digital Archive 4

This image was taken down the street on the right side of the Lincoln Theatre. In the center of the frame we can see the awning as well as the Lincoln Theatre sign, I found this photo particularly interesting because of the bus that was stopped just feet away from the theatre doors. This is best for economic purposes of the the metro  as well as the theatre; people will pay for the metro bus because it nearly stops right in front of the theatre doors and people are more willing and likely to go see a show that the theatre because it’s easily accessible, making it economically fulfilling for both entities.

Lincoln Theatre – Digital Archive 3

These are the doors of the Lincoln Theatre, a dark burgundy red painted wood with a shapely glass window booth painted gold. Although it’s hard to see from the image captured, the floors in front of the theatre are a polished gray stone. The transparency of the doors on both sides of the theatre ticket booth are well fitted for the theatre decor but don’t necessarily allow one to see inside the lobby of the actual theatre because there is another set of doors past these outside doors which gives an appearance of inclusiveness but if one were to directly walk up to the windows to peer inside for a look, they wouldn’t be able to actually see in the lobby and evidently so realizing that its more exclusive than appears.

Lincoln Theatre – Digital Archive 2

This image was taken under the “Lincoln” sign on the front left side of the theatre. I wanted to stand under it to get an idea of just exactly how big the sign was by standing right next to it; naturally so its the biggest thing on the building. The outside of the building in is very well maintained, as old as the building is, the outside is in nearly immaculate shape, the stucco leading up to the light tan brick wall gives the building a classic but polished look. They way the outside of this theatre is keep makes the appearance of the building grand yet inviting and sets the tone of what one can expect once they step inside the theatre. The bulb lights in a line on the ceiling of awning creates a beautiful ambience at night time but even during the daytime the beauty of this building is still seen. After, I took this picture I noticed that social media facebook icon in the side window and to me this was very interesting because this building is known for its classic and historical style yet it was this touch of contemporary and modern advertisement to “like” them on social media which shows that even if the style hasn’t changed to management and and marketing of the theatre has been kept up to date with the times of today.

Lincoln Theatre – Digital Archive 1

Here is a photo of the Lincoln Theatre from the opposite side of the street by the metro stop closest to the theatre. This is someone’s first view of the Lincoln Theatre if they were traveling here by metro to see a show. The buildings and businesses around it blend in with the decor of the theatre fairly well, or vice versa the theatre blends in well with the buildings that surround it. The buildings seem a bit older in age but not unpolished, and a spectator is able to see the “Lincoln” sign from a quite a distance away and even much better at night when the letters in the sign are lit up. People are always walking around on U Street but on a Sunday morning around noon it is was very quiet, yet not deserted.