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Afros, Stretch Marks, and Hip-Hop

King Kendrick did it again. This video had me shook from a number of standpoints. The videography and graphics were absolutely incredible, this brought the music video together into a phenomenal, entertaining and unique visual for his new single HUMBLE. Additionally, I’m a fan of Kendrick’s irony, despite the fact that the song is titled ‘HUMBLE’ he is dressed as a king the majority of the music video or in some scenes he even depicts himself as Jesus Christ surrounded by the 12 disciples. The part that stood our to me the most was his nod he gave to black women in this video. In one scene he had a heavy-set girl, thats all made up in make up and nice clothes with her hair done. Then he says, “Im so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me something natural like afro like Richard Pryor. Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks. Still will take you down right on your mama’s couch”. The girl changes scenes and is shown with a completely bare face, a plain white shirt, and her big natural afro hair; she turns around in her underwear showing the stretch marks all over her thighs and butt. This scene as a young black woman meant a lot to me. Black women are alway berated for their appearance, they’re put down for the way they choose to wear their hair, they’re put down for their body types and complexions. The appearance of a black woman as a whole is under attack daily, from social media, from our classmates, our teachers, our co-workers, and complete strangers. As a black girl that loves to rock her natural fro and has a ton of stretch marks, this video touched me. To hear if from a black man, in hip-hop, it touched me. It didn’t touch me because I’m looking for validation or because i need to felt desired by a man, but it touched me because Kendrick Lamar said what needed to be said so long ago. I’ve been known that my ‘fro is fly and my stretch marks are fierce, Im just so glad he’s getting with the program finally.