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Self Celebration

This image was on my Tumblr page and its something I’ve thought about so many times and its been a reoccurring thought as of lately. We as students spend so many years in school and some more than others if we attend college and/or graduate schools. We pay full tuition, some of us collect large amounts of debt, some of us work two and three jobs all to take classes that are supposed to make us “successful” or contribute to our success  in some way or another. With that being the case, Ive noticed that there are little to know undergraduate classes offered that teach us the art of loving one self…..thats unacceptable in my book. In my mind, I could be the richest, most famous, most educated, most successful woman in the world  but that doesn’t mean a thing if I don’t know how to love myself. Its a shame too because some many young people growing up struggle with anxiety, depression, emotional disorders that stem from lack of self celebration and self love.

A lot of people would argue that teaching of self love isn’t the responsibilities of our school system, or a duty of public education systems but I disagree because if its not, our society and we as a human race are going to crash and burn. We’re going to have more and more people hurting themselves and hurting others, plenty of young, bright, smart, beautiful people getting in their own way because they never learned how to love themselves honestly. Growing up Self celebration is something that I had to teach myself, no one in my life told me it was “cool”, heck a necessity in fact, to love myself. Two things that saved me from a lot of darkness, God and the power of self celebration, because at the end of the day I know that even if it feels like all is wrong in the world, God loves me and I love me, and that is enough. That is why Im still here.