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Honors Community Meeting

According to the Honors Community meeting exercise, my top five values are (in descending order): innovation, personal growth, risk, compassion, and opportunity. While these values are important to me, I don’t believe this list is inherently stagnant. My hierarchy of values fluctuates depending on circumstance. And while I would like to think that my values are indicative of a deeper personal truth, that they guide my every action for the best, and that I am a better person because of my ideals, they are much more reflective of my daily personal growth. Which, I suppose, explains the current placement of “personal growth” in my list.

Given this current list however, collaborating with others will require me to exercise communication. I am naturally shy in group settings, and only after continuous exposure to certain people will I begin to share my creative problem solving. Therefore, my top five values are a reflection of what I aspire towards in collaboration.

The most surprising part about my top five values is how much they have changed over the years. As I mentioned before, my top five values fluctuate depending on circumstances. But within the past five years, my admiration for family, tradition, and spiritual growth has been diminished. In fact, I rated those as my least desired values. I suppose this is a testament to my changing moral code and lifestyle.